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  Don't suffer from hunger using the old out dated 500 or 800  calorie HCG Diet protocol by Dr. Simeons and join our HCG Diet coach in our private/secret Facebook support group

We teach you how to turn your body into the ultimate fat burning machine without having to count calories,weigh or measure your food each day

Learn more from our HCG Diet Coach that has helped thousands reach their personal weight loss goals and has also lost over 100 pounds using HCG injections along with a modified original protocol that is more realistic, easier to follow, and will even help you to obtain better results than if you suffered a restricted calorie diet.  

Get personalized help and guidance through the program for all phases of the diet and beyond.   

"Eat more of the right foods and lose even more weight than you would following a 500 calorie diet"

I am Barbara Hull a nutrition and weight loss coach for My HCG Supplies.  I had always had a 10 pound weight problem most of my life which later turned into a 20 pound problem and after becoming pregnant it was a 100+ pound problem which seemed to just remain a problem for me.  
I first learned about the HCG diet in 2008 when a friend brought it to my attention.  I was extremely skeptical because I had tried virtually every diet known to mankind like most of us and thought she was silly and that it would be another one of those gimmicks.  I saw her only a few months later after she had first tried the diet and couldn't believe her results.  She had gone from approx 280 pounds to just under 200 and looked amazing.  No hanging skin, no sunken in look, etc.  I was intrigued by her results but I was scared.  

What scared me the most was the thought of having to inject myself.  I didn't think it was something I could do but after reading the protocol the dr explains that there is no other method that is as successful.  The half life of drops if you are lucky enough to get real ones is only 6 hours and with injections its 72 hours.  I had thought if I am going to do this then I need to do it right so I made the choice to think about doing injections.   I thought for a long time.

I lost my job as an IT consultant after 10 years in the industry during the crash of 2008-2009 I had nothing but time on my hands to research and find out if HCG was real.  Because I was so skeptical and afraid of that needle it took me 6 months of daily research to finally decide that I had more than enough evidence that this was something I needed to try.  

When my HCG injection kit finally arrived I was so worried about the needle and how to mix and inject myself.  I looked for help in a panic but there was no information available on the internet at that time so I made a few mistakes before I figured everything out and eventually got on a roll.  The weight started to drop off quickly.  In my first 57 days I lost 42 pounds and felt amazing.  

It was not long before people wanted to know what I was doing.  They thought I looked 20 years younger and soon they were begging me to start a business coaching because they were taking up so much of my time.  

This business actually chose me, I loved sharing my research and my success if it could mean it would help someone like me that had no hope of getting control of their weight at 310 pounds to finally get up and walking across the room without being out of breath. 

I ended up pouring myself into it heart and soul helping others to understand more about the way the diet works and how we can make it a way of life instead of a dreaded low cal diet.  My father was a European chef that taught my mother how to cook even better than he could.  I guess some of that rubbed off on me because I take recipes that don't work on HCG and I make them work on HCG and taste amazing.  Eventually I was collaborating with doctors that wanted to open their own HCG clinics, nurses,nutritionists, and authors as well to come up with alternative meal plans to produce even better results than a 500 or 800 calorie plan. 

My HCG Supplies understands the struggle a person has when they have just 10 pounds to lose and no idea how to get that done and also the person that has 200 pounds to lose and feels like it is just so overwhelming and unattainable.  No matter how much you have to lose you can do it just one size at a time.  HCG injections just may be the answer you have been searching for

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