How To Mix 5000iu HCG For Inections

  How To Mix 5000iu HCG with 10ml Bacteriostatic Water for injections


How To Mix 5000iu HCG For 23 Day Protocol of The HCG Diet from Barb on Vimeo.

 If your bottle of bacteriostatic water is 30ml you can do this same mix by getting rid of 20ml bacteriostatic water

200iu would be 40 units on the diabetic needle using this mix.

 Note: you need to keep the pressures in the HCG ampoules and the bacteriostatic water vials equal that is why we first draw up air and insert into the bottle we are withdrawing fluid from. If you do not do this, it becomes difficult to draw out the fluid Example: Pull back on the syringe plunger to draw up an amount of air equal to the amount of fluid that will be extracted and inject the air into the bottle before you extract the liquid out, this keeps the pressure in the container equal.

 Note: after drawing out daily injection bring to body temperature and wipe off injection area with alcohol pad and let dry prior to injecting, inject 1-2 inches to the left or right of your belly button or another fatty area of the body that you are comfortable with. Just rest the needle on tummy and if you feel a pinch don’t go in. Go in when you feel nothing. You have complete control of needle and should literally feel nothing. Make sure you inject slowly.  If you experience a sting just slow down the injection by pushing the plunger down slowly.

How much you inject is up to you. Dr. Simeon’s recommends starting at 125iu and newer information from Kevin Trudeau recommends 175iu and higher. I start at 200 iu which is 40 units on the needle and seems to be the sweet spot for most people.  Just a warning, very few people are successful at 125iu and often end up quitting the diet.  Its best to start higher the first week and adjust the dose later if you must.

You may skip injection one day a week while remaining on the low calorie diet to avoid building up immunity.  It also gives us a break from having to inject once a week, extends our round,  and saves money.  I would not recommend doing your rounds longer than 60 days because you can become tired and drawn.  Its best to take a break according to protocol and begin again if there is more to lose.

Women may also skip  injection during the heaviest days of menstruation.  The reason is that during menstruation you already have a significant amount of HCG in your body.

Using this mix each 10 units has 50iu.  200iu / 50 = 40 units  You will get a total of 25 injections skipping one injection per week and 3 days no injection at the end you actually get a total of 32 days on the diet.